LAMH2Iray Catalyzer

Please install using the DAZ Install Manager or the standalone installer provided by DAZ 3D.
Once installation is done, you need to activate the product: open the menu link “Help->About Installed Plugins”, scroll down to LAM2Iray Catalyzer, copy/paste the Serial Number provided by DAZ 3D (you can find it in your account page); click OK, restart DAZ Studio and the registration is done.

Activation process from the Help->About Installed Plugins menu link

After that, you can open the LAM2Iray Catalyzer pane selecting it from the menu Window->Panes->LAM2Iray Catalyzer.
I suggest docking the pane for ease of use. In the following screenshot, the pane docked and ready to use.





The use is straightforward, simply load the LAMH models compliant with the Catalyzer, pose them and prepare the scene, set your lights and render settings as usual; when you are ready, just click the Render button included in the Catalyzer pane and the scene will be converted and rendered with the Nvidia Iray engine.

The Catalyzer offers also the possibility to customize hair density, length, width and spline quality. Use density and spline quality with caution because cranking up the sliders to maximum values can be quite demanding in terms of computer resources and time.

You can change several parameters like Translucency Color and Intensity, Glossiness Color and Intensity, Diffuse Overlay Color and Intensity, Reflectivity, and a whole set of Clump controls to increase fur realism.

Rogue hair enables a cool feature: you can randomly apply a specific color to a percentage of the hair population so that you can, for example, color white the 5% of the fur, giving it a more diversified and interesting look.

All the settings are applied per-model, so each figure can be configured to use its own set of parameters. They can also be saved and loaded back just saving the scene or, if you prefer, you can use the menu link “Save as -> Scene Subset”, and save a specific figure so that you can load it back later with the customized settings.



Animation support is still experimental in this initial release. You can specify Start and End frame, and click the Render button: the animation frames will be produced and saved as transparent .png files in the folder: “/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/LAMH2Iray Catalyzer/output/”.

In case of large scenes or low specs systems, or if you run into issues, please try to enable the ‘Safe Mode‘ option, which will disable some multi-threaded routines to increase system stability and resource management.


Known issues/limitations:

  • mixing LAMH and Catalyzer assets in the same scene may lead to crashes or unpredictable behavior
  • hair preparation routine prior render cannot be cancelled

If you need further information or support of any kind, please email me at , including:

Alessandro Mastronardi